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Writing Coach

A writing coach is someone who helps you achieve a desired goal in your writing. Whether you're trying to publish a book, write a paper or just improve your writing skill, a writing coach guides you in achieving the desired result and possibly guides you in surpassing it.

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Website Optimisation (SEO)

Every minute all across the internet world, Google handles an estimated number of '2.4 million searches.' For each of these queries, Google displays pages with links that contain answers it believes are the best for the user.

Ghostwriting Services

A Ghostwriter is a faceless writer who assumes the responsibility of writing a book, an essay, speech or blog post on behalf of another. The ghostwriter is not interested in being known as the writer of the project. He's only interested in seeing that the writing project is well done to the expectation of the owner.

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Book Writing Consultant

There are many reasons to write a book, not necessarily to add to the millions of books that are available physically and online today. For instance, you can discover that you've achieved so much in your career or business and the only way you can mentor the younger ones coming after you is to write a book for them. Such a book can also come in any category, such as a memoir, self-help or inspirational book.