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Website Optimisation

What is Website Optimisation?

Every minute all across the internet world, Google handles an estimated number of ‘2.4 million searches.’ For each of these queries, Google displays pages with links that contain answers it believes are the best for the user.

But behind the scene of these links are SEO Professionals who understand the algorithms Google considers to arrive at the top results.

These professionals work day and night to make sure their websites or their client’s websites stay on the first result page of searches, and if possible, at the top of that first page.

They do this by making deliberate research and understanding users’ intent and the keywords users are using while typing their queries on Google. 

These result pages are known in the SEO world as Search Engine Result Page (SERP). To rank top on the first page (#1 SERP) is to have a high chance of being visited by as many users who are searching for that query, leading to an increase in traffic to your website.

The process SEO professionals engage in to make this happen is known as website optimisation while the technical and general term with which we describe it is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Why Do You Need to Optimise Your Website?

The more users visit your pages the more engagements that occur on your website.

Interestingly, Google has been trained to notice these engagements and understands it to mean that people love what they see on your web pages. Then it considers your website to have met some of its ranking requirements and sends more users to your website through the SERP.

As a trained, certified and practicing SEO Professional, my job is to see that you understand these basics so you can discover the need to deliberately optimise your website for increased traffic.

Maybe you didn’t know. But it is rare to find a writer with SEO expertise or an SEO professional who is also skillful in writing. This is so true in many levels and Kelsey Jones, Senior Director of Content for Awesome Motive attests to this truth.

Quoted by Miranda Miller on Search Engine Journal, Kelsey states further that ‘being a writer without SEO experience or being an SEO pro who doesn’t understand the nuances of content writing can be really detrimental to your content’s performance.’

Essentially, what your website needs is a skillful and experienced writer who also doubles as an SEO Professional. This is what I do.

To give your website a chance to rank on Google’s #1 SERP and boost the sale of the products or services you offer, contact me here today.