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A Ghostwriter is a faceless writer who assumes the responsibility of writing a book, an essay, speech or blog post on behalf of another. The ghostwriter is not interested in being known as the writer of the project. He’s only interested in seeing that the writing project is well done to the expectation of the owner.

Many people have great ideas to write in a book, but converting the ideas into words may be challenging to them for different reasons such as the time and the efficiency it takes to write a book.

And that is when the idea of a ghostwriter comes in, a professional and experienced writer who understands all the rudiments of writing and publishing.

As a skillful and experienced ghostwriter, I specialise in helping people write their books. To date, I have helped clients write, edit and/or publish more than twenty books.

Do you need to write a speech or a memoir, or do you want to write a biography for an elderly one whom you believe has lived a successful and productive life?

All you need is a skillful and experienced ghostwriter to help you with it. Contact me here.