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Writing Coach

A writing coach is someone who helps you achieve a desired goal in your writing. Whether you’re trying to write a book, a paper or improve your writing skill, a writing coach guides you in achieving that result and possibly guides you in surpassing your expectation of it.

A lot of people coach themselves in the art of writing until they become the best they desire to be. Through trials and errors, ups and downs, rising and falling, they reach their goal and soar in their writing career.

But for different reasons, not everyone will be able to do that, which is why some people need a one-on-one writing coach to hold their hand and lead them to their desired destination.

As an experienced writing coach who desires to see you become better in your writing and achieve your writing goals, my job is to first understand your need concerning your writing and then develop a strategy that is unique to you and that need.

Whether you’re an adult trying to write a non-fiction book, a paper or improve your writing skill, or you’re a student who desires to get better in your essay, letter or academic writing, I am your readily available writing coach and you can contact me here