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Stephen Wholesome


Hello there.

I am Stephen Wholesome, an experienced Ghostwriter, Copyeditor, Certified SEO Specialist and Writing Coach. I’m also a book-writing consultant, a creative writing consultant and a memoir coach who is passionate about helping writers develop their writing craft and/or publish their books.

As a versatile writer, I write with no limitation to genres. I have published a book of poetry and I’m currently working on a book of Short Stories, a book of essays, a novel and a self-help guide for writers. If you’re a writer and you’ve discovered that you also belong to this category, you’re not alone.

And you can be sure to find all these expressions on this website. The Poetry, Art and Writing blog series has been designed to help inspire and set your writing on fire so that your mind can consistently burn with the energy you require to keep a daily writing life that’s fun, purposeful and fulfilled.

I’m a Certified SEO Professional who understands what a website needs to rank #1 on Google Search Engine Result Page (SERP). I have put this into practice in different ways and will love to help you manage your website. You can start by reading through my SEO blog series. Then you can reach out to me if you find them informative or will like to learn more.

As a Ghostwriter and a copyeditor, I specialise in helping people write their memoirs and teaching people to achieve the same. I have worked with a team of editors before and have also worked personally on a number of nonfiction books that are now published.

Before you leave, feel free to go through all the services I offer.