About PAW

When you search for ‘paw’ on the internet, you will get various dictionary definitions of the combination of letters treated as a word. It means the soft foot of mammals, especially those in the cat family.

Certainly, it’s a cat’s foot. But why don’t we talk about paw in another way that focuses on writing and literature without totally taking the original meaning away?

What is PAW?

PAW (Poetry, Art and Writing) is a collection of essays for you if you’re a poet, artist or writer, if you aspire to set your writing on fire, and if you desire to dip your creative feet in the soft sand of time.

The idea is to create a synergy between these three tropes and to establish the fact that they don’t always have to be mutually exclusive to each other.

Poetry is a form of writing. Poetry and writing are a form of art. And art is a manner of creative expression that can come in any form including poetry and writing.

Today, it is widely believed and somewhat true that you can be a writer without being a poet. You can be a poet and a writer without being an artist. And you can be an artist without being a poet or a writer.

What’s in it for You?

But there’s something unique about you if you’re a poet or writer with a touch of art in every creative work you do. And you’ll find uniqueness in your art if you mix it with the condiments of writing and the fragrance of poetry.

All of these you will discover how to do in ‘Poetry, Art and Writing.’

Sometimes, the essays are a blend of fiction with creative nonfiction so that you can draw every juice you need from them and be able to transfer the same, possibly, with greater energy into your everyday writing.

Interestingly, art is the connective tissue that links poetry and writing together, so it must be in the middle, providing enrichment for poetry on one hand and writing on the other hand.

This is why you should visit this blog every week to read the latest essay in the PAW series. Then you will be able to discover how to navigate your creative journey and give your poetry, art and/or writing a new look that every consumer will want to associate with.